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Rate ME!

today i got josh a surprize from the grocery store and he knew it was fish sticks! this was the first time ive ever surprized him with fish sticks and he knew!!!!! it was weird how well we know each other, i guess after 3 years we should, but this well?! to tell you the truth i am alittle upset about him going to see that girl, but i trust him. anyway, we went online (im at his house cause my phones dont work, they stopped working *both lines* directly after i fixed my modem problem, ) to tell yall about this 'fish sticks' incodent, and got destracted by "', he has his pic up, so, in the spirit of competition, i had to put my pic up too. i have a fragile ego and a low self-esteem, so this is not a good idea, but oh well. please rate me honestly, but please dont tell me what you think.
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