Re'bequa (rebequa) wrote,


hey yall...
any of you that have me on your friends list that i actually know personally need to call me (unless you are that ass monkey i used to date) and help me get rid of this journal thing.. i keep getting email from people and it really annoys me! i dont even remember who all of these people are and what thier psudo-names are, noone uses their real name... im so confused.
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so, is rebequa your real name??
i'm only wondering. from sarah
Hello :) Just found your page at random...hope you don't mind me adding you to my friends!
The reason everyone keeps getting you as #1 on their LJ interest searches is because you have everything under the sun on your interest list.
More annoying email. Enjoy.
you can remove email notification in the preferences. you could also just delete the whole damn journal, if you re not going to use it anymore.
you know all these fuckers think shes so fucking amazing..

gah.. if you fucking thought of everything in this world that could catch an eye, shes got em all, and in alphebetical order too..
and here i am practically typing to my self. hrm..

im cool. la de da.
if you didn't notice already, the interests all come out alphabetical, no matter what order you put them in.
I don't know if you've noticed but we share a lot of the same interests.
Yet another who you have so much in common has a strange way of doing that to us....have a great day....

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I have nothing in common with you. let us keep it that way.

Deleted comment


15 years ago

Can I be your friend? I found you through the "Interests most similiar to DareDevGrl *(which is me, duh.)*" .. and your name was the first one that popped up.
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since everyone else is doing it, i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon too.

this girl has far too many interests.

another rebecca
ok this girl showed up as #1 matching for me too, but HAHA i cant believe how stupid some ppl can be! its just cuz she has alot of interests so she HAS to pop up like than and yet ppl are still telling her 'wow u were my number one can i add you to my friends' even AFTER they saw that that had already been discussed. sorry just found that amusing! hmm i wonder why if this girl complains about the journal, why doesnt she just delete it?? and if this is the girl, ill take your journal off your hands for you. just change the password to something simple and send it to me and ill clean it out and would be glad to use it~! well email with it if you want to get rid of it


15 years ago

haha this is quite a shock move I also got her as no. 1. The horror, the funky horror!

And now I'm quite addicted to all of these people here who are so...random. I will stay and watch you all like a big...owl.
This isn't a waste. No, no, no.

Even though Rebequa seems to have disappeared and left her journal running, it has become something more. It is now a community. The "People Who Match Rebequa" community.

I am proud to be a member of this group. We will share long chats about our many similar interests and laugh. Oh, how we'll laugh!
I think we need to have a laughing session right now. Ha. Hahahahahahaha. Mwahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha.


15 years ago

she matched my interests too :P lol

i'm a new "rebequa" fan

if anyone read this, and wants to know a 20-year-old girl from Argentina --> add me :D

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